Company Profile

Haven Health Solutions is a blockchain services company that enables organizations to build and deploy new and innovative applications engrained with security and set standards offering speed and data integrity.

More About Us

Haven Health is delivering world renown expertise in digital asset management and tracking technologies yielding measurable, sustainable results that have a direct and immediate impact on the healthcare industry. Haven Health solutions are currently centered in Delaware where we created a living laboratory for prior authorization reform. Landmark meetings brought all critical stakeholders to the table. Haven Health worked with payers and healthcare analytics partners to analyze physician’s performance down to the procedural level, and produced a score that translated into a simple 1 to 4-star model disclosed to all stakeholders.

This solution served as a launching pad for Haven Health’s success. With Haven Health’s unique technology and approach, proprietary data is shared without needing to be moved – it can stay with its owner. Haven Health provides an unparalleled level of cooperation and disclosure. In the end, intelligent people augmented by analytics, band together for improved quality and reduced costs.