Founder Profile

Founder and CEO of Haven Health, Vince Albanese is an innovator and successful serial entrepreneur whose skills span decades of success and cutting edge innovation. As CEO of Haven Health, Vince is focused exclusively on delivering enterprise-grade, healthcare blockchain solutions.


More About Vince

 Vince’s background is fielded in software engineer- ing, mastering the art and talent of designing and building innovative and cutting edge platforms. In his past experiences, he was CIO, ISFA/INVEST where he created and deployed and public stock and insurance brokerage network with the Resolution Trust Company. Vince was Global Director, Technology for R.P. Scherer, an architecting pharmaceutical manufacturing IT company representing 21 plants in 13 countries. Vince co-founded, oversaw, and subsequently sold a national consulting company focused on process manufacturing ERP solutions servicing a dozen Fortune 50 process manufacturing firms. He additionally co-founded the Oracle Process Manufacturing User Group, the i2 Technologies User Group and was Chief Architect and CIO for Gratis Card Technologies.
Equally as impressive as Vince’s professional profile is his philanthropic profile. As Co-Founder and CEO of The Green Armada Foundation, Vince secured the prestigious Heroes of the Year Award by People Magazine and was featured in Reader’s Digest, CNN, NBC, and Fox News. Vince assisted in the formation of the Blue Community Consortium, which was the first UN World Tourist Observatory in North America. Its reach today extends across Central Florida and into the Caribbean. The Blue Community Consortium is deploying Haven Health’s blockchain technology to improve transparency, verification of results, and sharing of data related to sustainable tourism.