Trusted data. Transparent solutions. Accountable partners.

Haven Health Solutions uses blockchain to provide true transactional interoperability between untrusting organizations simultaneously providing a reliable and secure haven for sensitive data.

Leveraging blockchain technology, Haven Health offers the only healthcare digital asset management and tagging software that creates a “Swiss Wall” to shield all parties from risk related to the exchange of sensitive information.


Swiss Wall

Organizations can now conduct business in a neutral and reliably secure refuge without fear of data breach or compromise, and without fear of exposing data that may carry potential liability.

A Safe Haven

Haven Health technology provides a place for the exchange of sensitive information to the benefit of all parties involved.

Each Party's Proprietary Data Is Safe

Our “Swiss Wall” ensures data integrity and allows for the exchange of only the information required and places the outcome (not the data) on the blockchain. 

Smart Action Indicators

Smart Action Indicators are carefully constructed data sets that contain only enough information to allow healthcare transactions to execute.

Data Safety

Intentionally lean and designed to protect the data safely tucked away in each stakeholder’s data stores.

Hidden Data

Haven Health indicators allow data to be hidden while allowing the compilation of that data to result in a meaningful intelligent outcome.

Data Without Fear

Because the underlying data is secure and confined to permitted parties, parties can trust that they can share their data without fear of the data itself being shared, but allowing "intelligence" to be gathered from that data.


Collaborative Intelligence

Taken collectively, data becomes “Collaborative Intelligence” that allows individuals and organizations to make data-driven decisions based on a source of truth. When Intelligent Action Indicators are exchanged with the confidence in knowing all data contained is reliable, secure and tamper-proof, it triggers a reaction (a business decision). The sum of all of these actions is “Collaborative Intelligence” that allows all parties to contribute to the problem-solving network without exposing their underlying data.