Our Services Overview

Haven Health Solutions is a blockchain services company that designs and assembles Living Laboratories for Healthcare Process Improvement and delivers Living Libraries in support of sustainable, continuous improvement.


Haven Health Solutions offers a HIPAA-compliant, health digital asset software management and tracking framework designed to mitigate risk by refining and expediting the human - technology interface. The full stack compatible framework can be deployed on-premise or in a cloud environment while installed in parallel by all relevant stakeholders. It is enterprise-IT ready with best-in-class tools delivering horizontal and vertical scalability, resilience and flexibility.

The Haven Health solution is a peer-to-peer, distributed database which when combined with a rich set of ancillary services provides robust value as a parallel system to those already powering the enterprise. It does not interfere with current legacy investments but rather complements them for superior synergy. 

The value proposition centers around the speed of deployment, ease of integration and scalability. Technical capability in combination with an ability to rapidly integrate with existing sources of clinical data makes Haven Health the superior choice for a seamless and secure acquisition of provider and patient data yielding faster prototyping investment.  

The Haven Health Interoperability Framework Core Values

The Haven Health Solution suite utilizes the blockchain concept for “trust indicators” or data elements specifically designed to enable commerce between typically untrusting parties. Valuable or protected source data remains where it is with the blockchain holding pointers, scores or indicators. The Haven Health Solution suite hosts no private data external from its stakeholders, thereby mitigating all risk associated with exposing source data.

  • Transparency

    A guarantee that all participating parties (with the appropriate permissions) see every transaction.

  • Trust

    A promise that every data point created is tracked to ensure its creation and pedigree.

  • Accountability

    A guarantee that a business using Haven Health is confident in rules that are accurate and fair to execute commercially.

Examples Of Use

While there are countless ways to leverage the Haven Health interoperability framework, the list below shows a few common examples. Please contact us directly to discuss your specific needs.

Prior Authorization

Haven Health is partnered with the State of Delaware, the Medical Society of Delaware, the Delaware Health Information Network (DHIN) and various healthcare data science experts to mitigate the cost, risk, aggravation and safety issues related to steps and execution of prior authorization. The protocol uses claims data to build a “Gold Star” program that drives priority, alerting and workflow when events are detected in the real-time transaction workflow moving through the DHIN.

Underwriting Risks

Haven Health is working with life insurers on a mechanism to identify and alert for essential conditions from historical and real-time clinical data.

Digital Death Certificates

Haven Health is working with the State of Delaware and life insurers on a model for a digital death certificate.

Provider Interfaces

Haven Health is working with Health Information Exchanges on a model for the collection and distribution of current physician and practice information.

Safety Data

Haven Health is working with several partners on the collection of healthcare safety data helping to create a culture of safety among hospital employees and their patients.


Utilize a “Gold Star” scoring program to reduce the time and cost associated with credentialing providers.

Accelerate Connections Between Health Information Networks

Serving as an institutional library of Health IT information and assets, the Haven Health Living Library will accelerate connections between HINs and HIEs, facilitate the reuse of health information assets, and quickly and accurately point the user to the necessary information.